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With the help of it, people can communicate with each other through mail, blogs, news letters, and address books, even through phone calls. Although Microsoft launched this program as a free e-mail program, the company has monetized it well enough to make it one of the most widely used e-mail clients as well as a widely used contact manager. For companies in the IT industry, Microsoft Outlook is a great tool for handling and managing internal IT matters.

Microsoft Outlook comes with various features.

The most commonly used features include Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Outlook. When your business uses any of these integrated systems, then you need to have an IT professional support on it or hire a third-party support. In case of Microsoft SharePoint, there are several third-party support options like Microsoft SharePoint Professional and Microsoft SharePoint Developer. One of the main reasons for using these support options is so that you can update the software and install different features for your business.

Microsoft Outlook also includes several other features such as Microsoft Calendar, Microsoft Contacts, Microsoft Money, Microsoft Spam, Microsoft SkyDrive, and Microsoft Yaml. Microsoft Outlook emails accounts usually include three mailboxes – a main email account, a secondary email account, and a portable mailbox. The main email account is where you can read and send regular emails to all the users in the organization and the secondary email accounts are used by the employees for individual and group work. The main email account is mostly accessed by the computer users, while the secondary email account is mostly used by the devices and portable computers of the users.

Microsoft Outlook also includes several additional features such as Microsoft Travel Planner, Microsoft Contacts, Microsoft Money, Microsoft Outlook Mailbox, Microsoft Excel Workbook, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word. If you are going for a business or if you want to develop a new web application, then you definitely need a database system to support it. The database system supports all the important Microsoft Outlook features including the auto-responder, task manager, email folders, online help, threaded conversations, mail sending features, shared mail folders etc. You need to purchase the software and the license is valid for just one user only.

With the advent of the internet, many people are opting for email accounts over the traditional mail boxes. As per the statistics provided by the survey, more than sixty percent of the Americans are using email accounts to communicate with their friends and family all over the world. These email accounts are mainly preferred by the young generation, because they feel more comfortable communicating with their friends using the email service. The email providers have come up with different plans and the users can customize the plans according to their requirements. One can either use the free email service or opt for the paid email service for better quality and better security of the emails.

The email providers also provide auto-responder services to the users after the subscription period. This helps the users to manage their business properly. If the user has a large email list, the auto-responder can assist them to send bulk emails to all the subscribers in the list. The Microsoft Outlook provides the basic tools to manage an email account like creating, receiving, handling, deleting, composing, reading, and forwarding messages. These tools can be customized as per the requirements of the user.

The email provider also provides the various emailing features to the users.

This helps them to manage their time and tasks very efficiently. These features also enable the user to work on multiple tasks at the same time. The Microsoft Outlook helps the users to coordinate and integrate the work with their colleagues from any part of the world. This helps them to cut down their cost, time and efforts, and also saves a lot of the valuable resources like precious bandwidth and mobile minutes.

  • To use the email service with Microsoft Outlook, you just need to open an email account with the email provider and connect it with your computer or laptop.
  • There are no complicated procedures involved in doing so.
  • You just need to follow some simple steps to setup and set up email accounts with Outlook.