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It’s an acronym that stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, phone service for a small company. VoIP is simply a telephone service that utilizes your computer’s internet connection to make and received calls. It also provides more communication options and functionalities for your company to utilize.

What are the benefits of availing a VoIP Phone System?

It’s pretty obvious; this will provide you with the functionality you need for both phone services and conferencing. With an efficient VoIP phone service you can save money on long distance charges while still enjoying superior calling features. You can also get rid of costly long-distance fees and can also get discounts when making international calls. In addition, your own in-house or external oil system can be integrated with your existing systems, which provides you with a unified communications platform.

An effective VoIP Phone System has an inherent advantage over conventional PBX phone systems. Traditional PBX systems typically require a dedicated line or lines to connect with a customer premise. This means that all incoming calls require connection through another line. However, with a VoIP Phone system, you can establish a connection with any broadband internet connection. This not only facilitates the provision of phone services from anywhere in the world, but it also saves a lot of money.

In order to avail of these benefits, a business must find an efficient VoIP Phone provider.

There are various companies that offer hosted voice services. A hosted voice system allows customers to easily integrate their systems with their own internal systems. Hosted office phone systems are highly flexible and can be customized as per requirements.

Several business phone systems use the same technologies as does an in-house VoIP Phone system. Many small businesses use avaya’s Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) which is available in a number of configurations including PABX, ISDN/ATA. Several other IP phones include Sunrunner PABX and Switchgear SAVELO. Avaya’s Total Communicate Phone System (TCS) is a solution that allows you to integrate your PABX with your existing PBX.

The advancement in technology has also meant that VoIP Phone service is now more widely available than ever before. Most of the telecommunication companies have an Internet presence, and provide various options, like PBX, VOIP, IP telephony, hosted VoIP, and CDMA / ECDMA phone systems. Most of these companies also have customer service and technical assistance solutions for small business communication requirements. However, only few of them offer competitive rates and great customer service. A good VoIP telephony solution includes several other features like auto attendants, video conferencing, extension dialing, multiple extensions, external IP phones, call transfer functions, call waiting, simultaneous ring, call transferring, conference calling, three way calling and more.

VoIP Phone Service from Nextiva is very much different from any of the competitors as it provides an all round solutions for small business communication requirements. The solutions provided by this unmatched company include auto attendant, video conferencing, ISDN, and other connectivity solutions to handle the calls. It offers VoIP auto attendant, IP phone system, and IP unified communications. They also provide the following services to their customers like voice mail to email, fax to email, call accounting, web conferencing, business VoIP integration, remote receptionist, group VoIP management, inbound call queuing, conference call, toll free, and local area network call rate plans. It also gives additional features like PC to Phone Transfer, centralized billing, advanced reporting and customer-oriented policies and plans.

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