Compliance as a Service is an Internet based service that provides companies with compliance products that can be remotely hosted. These Internet based compliance products are designed for the compliance officer of the company to install and utilize on their network. These programs are usually offered by third parties such as Sybase, NetIQ or Norton. Compliance as a Service is very helpful to organizations because of the large volume of compliance documents that need to be reviewed and addressed. These programs offer many options for management, storage and reporting of security-related information.

Compliance as a service system should provide a way for the compliance officer to update all of the security-related reports that are typically submitted to the major statistical associations.

These reports usually cover information about new threats, vulnerabilities and best practice practices. The compliance officer has the ability to submit these items via the Internet. Most of these products will automatically generate an email to the entire security team and any other authorized parties. This email can then be used to provide updates and instructions on the best practices that can be used in conjunction with the system. The security team can then use the email to communicate with each other regarding the status of any security related tasks.

The compliance as a service also offers a comprehensive log analysis reporting capability.

This report can break down the activities that took place during the day by department and project. It can also provide statistics on security related activity by system, type of vulnerability, security controls employed, and remediation actions taken. These logs can help a company to determine what department and/or project benefited from the security incident. It can also show what types of threats were most prevalent during the day and what types of controls were implemented. This type of information can help to make any necessary changes to any existing systems that may have been compromised.

The logs can also be sent to an off site reporting system. Off site reporting systems can send these reports directly to the person(s) operating the network system(s). This means that the information will be real time and can be analyzed from any location. Security incidents can take place anywhere and at any time. However, having the reports sent directly to your staff members reduces the chances that an outage or other security related problem takes place.

Compliance as a Service allows a company to take advantage of the latest and most advanced technology.

Modern technology is able to detect even the most subtle things that would allow access to a company’s networks. These advances in technology enable detection of even the most heavily protected systems. Because of this modern network security is more often than not detected before any intrusion takes place. As a result, these systems often contain a set of signature policies that have been applied to them. Any attempts to change or remove these policies are often thwarted by using a number of different level of security controls.

Compliance as a Service can also benefit a company by reducing the maintenance required by implementing and maintaining several networks. Monitoring a network using a variety of monitoring devices can be a time consuming task. Instead, compliance as a service can help reduce the amount of time that monitors are used. Also, implementing the use of several of these solutions can help reduce the costs associated with implementing and maintaining several networks. Many companies find that the cost of securing multiple networks can be far too high.

Compliance as a Service is also highly effective when it comes to controlling security threats. Compliance as a Service, or CaaS, is a set of managed services provided by an IT company that ensures that their clients remain within regulation as far as data security is concerned. A network management system is able to identify and counter threats to a company’s network before any damage occurs. The security of a network is one of the most important factors in providing a company with adequate levels of overall productivity.

Compliance as a Service has many positive benefits for a company looking to reduce its overhead. One of these benefits is that it streamlines the network management process.

  • Through using a variety of different devices, compliance as service providers can monitor and manage the health of a company’s network.
  • It also provides security and monitoring for all employees in the company and allows them to work safely and responsibly around the clock.
  • By automating the monitoring and security process, a company’s monitoring and security teams are free to focus on developing and supporting the business they are responsible for.